TTEC Digital Unveils WFM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

TTEC has launched a new tool - the Workforce Management Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service - which helps companies monitor their employees' performance in real-time, providing valuable insights into workforce management.

With the new Workforce Management Adapter, TTEC Digital provides managers with the ability to monitor important performance metrics, identify opportunities for enhancement, and prepare for future workloads. The tool builds on TTEC Digital's expertise in developing WFM adapters for cloud-based contact center platforms while expanding the company's offerings to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service clients in enhancing their workforce management processes.

"As a launch partner for the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform (DCCP), TTEC Digital continues to pioneer new ways of enhancing the client experience and help users take advantage of the Microsoft platform and greater ecosystem. WFM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service will help clients uncover innovative strategies to learn from their contact center data and optimize workforce efficiencies," said Dave Seybold, CEO of TTEC Digital.

By leveraging TTEC Digital's WFM Adapter, clients can fully utilize the features of Microsoft DCCP, which was introduced last year. This adapter streamlines the process, allowing clients to utilize Microsoft DCCP as intended, with native voice capabilities or by combining telephony providers with Microsoft and Nuance's omnichannel capabilities.

WFM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service includes:

  • TTEC Digital's WFM Adapter offers both historical and real-time adherence data for voice, chat, and SMS interactions, and it will eventually expand to cover other digital channels as well.

  • The company's cloud-based technology provides clients with scalability and reliability and is available for deployment in various regions worldwide to meet their data requirements.

  • The user interface for setting up and configuring reporting options within the WFM Adapter is straightforward and user-friendly. Clients can easily customize what data is sent to WFM and how it's reported.

The WFM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is now available through Microsoft's AppSource.

Meanwhile, TTEC Digital has recently announced the launch of a data and analytics solution - Optics - for the Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) Platform.