JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation Transforms the Events and Appointments Landscape

JRNI has unveiled AI-Powered Automation as part of its Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform. This advanced feature leverages AI to proactively engage with customers, automate event management, and streamline appointment booking processes. Additionally, JRNI has integrated Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate coordination and communication related to customer scheduling requests.

By utilizing these capabilities, businesses can save up to three hours per day on administrative tasks and achieve significant improvements in sales velocity, conversion rates, and revenue-per-transaction.

“These game-changing technologies represent the future of appointment scheduling, event management, and the virtual and in-store experiences. Brands understand that increasing the quantity and quality of human interactions has a significant impact on their bottom line. Artificial Intelligence will simplify the way in which humans connect with one another. This automation means less time negotiating schedules, following up, and shuffling calendars, with that time shifting to revenue-generating, value-added customer engagement,” said Philip Meer, CEO of JRNI.

JRNI's AI-Powered Automation feature intelligently pairs virtual or in-person appointment requests with the most suitable staff member, taking into account various business priorities such as inventory availability, staff availability and expertise, location, timing, language preference, and customizable attributes. With the integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP), brands can automatically respond to engagement requests sent through chat, SMS, or email without the need for human intervention, resulting in enhanced convenience and speed for customers.

In addition, brands that host one-to-many events can now leverage JRNI's AI-Powered Automation to initiate outbound campaigns, send messages, and offer promotions to customers at the exact moment when their interest is at its peak. This could be triggered by customer responses to promotions, interactions with online or social content, or indications of interest in or attendance at virtual or in-person events. By leveraging this capability, brands can ensure timely and personalized communications throughout the entire event journey, eliminating delays and seizing immediate follow-up opportunities that may have been missed in the past.

At the end of last year, JRNI partnered with Mad Mobile, a mobile retail solution, to drive customer engagements in-store and online with omnichannel tools such as clienteling, mobile POS, and self-checkout.