Qualtrics Digital Experience Analytics Is Now Generally Available

Qualtrics has made Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) generally available.

Teased at the company's flagship event X4, the new solution lets organizations visually replay their consumers’ behavior during their web experience, capturing key pain points like error clicks, rage clicks, or mouse thrashes. Moreover, users can discover the root cause behind behavioral pain points without having to explicitly ask questions.

“In today’s digital world, customers expect a positive, seamless, and personalized experience across web and mobile properties. With Digital Experience Analytics and Experience iD, businesses can arm digital teams with the capabilities they need to capture and analyze the ever-expanding source of digital customer insights that could make the difference in capturing millions of dollars worth of revenue,” said Qualtrics President of Product, User Experience and Engineering Brad Anderson.

Using Qualtrics AI, DXA recognizes the most relevant session replays, signaling where the experience needs to be improved, ultimately preventing revenue loss. Then, users can see if the issues are due to a specific browser, device type or product path. They can even match survey feedback to an individual session to detect the issue faster.

Built-in privacy controls allow companies to stay compliant with data privacy regulations while personalizing and improving digital experiences. By combining digital behavior data from DXA with other data sources, like sentiment data from surveys, or purchase history, brands can create a visualization of CX trends in a single dashboard.

Collectively, all these factors contribute to significantly increasing the probability of a favorable result while also preventing abandoned customer journeys.

Behind personalization are granular insights - delivered by Qualtrics Experience iD. The solution provides insights about individuals by segments, including teams, geographic locations, and verticals, to recognize trends and patterns.

Digital Experience Analytics enriches Experience iD with new digital data for behavioral, experiential, and operational visibility in a single pane of glass to track how online user behavior and customer sentiment impact the company’s results.