Kore.ai Unveils New Channel Partner Program

Kore.ai has unveiled its Channel Partner Program to enhance the assistance offered to its indirect sales channel. The newly introduced program includes a tiered system for channel partners and solution providers, accompanied by substantial investments for each partner. These investments will cover various aspects such as go-to-market (GTM) strategies, enablement, marketing support, and additional resources.

"We are connecting solutions to create a more powerful offering that's greater than the sum of its individual parts, and targets the entire gamut of contact center automation and customer experience management. Through a comprehensive ecosystem of platform integrations, we are expanding our partner's wallet share and enhancing the capabilities of various enterprise applications, communication tools, collaboration platforms, and customer experience solutions," said Sahil Rekhi, Global Head - Partnerships, Kore.ai.

According to Gartner's projections, the demand for CAI solutions is rapidly increasing at a rate of 55% each year. By 2028, the total expenditure on these solutions is predicted to reach $82 billion. Recognizing this significant market potential, Kore.ai intends to capitalize on the growing demand by utilizing its partner program. The company plans to establish a strong and diverse global partnership ecosystem, which will encompass technology partners, global system integrators, regional system integrators, resellers, solution providers, and strategic partners.

Kore.ai presently boasts a partner network of over 100 partners, and it aims to optimize and enhance this network. By providing streamlined support and collaborating on joint offerings, the company aims to achieve rapid growth and establish itself as a prominent leader in the conversational AI market.

Streamlining customer engagement and success  

In the near future, Kore.ai is set to launch a new partner engagement portal, which will facilitate better customer engagement and success. Additionally, it will introduce an app marketplace, allowing technology players to publish and integrate their technology into solutions from other vendors. This marketplace will offer various commercial options that can be customized to suit the specific needs of partners and their channels.

Within the program, channel partners and resellers will have access to Kore.ai's no-code platform, enabling them to drive swift innovation and implement solutions across various industries, such as financial services, retail, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, managed services, and business process outsourcing (BPO) units. Partners can collaborate on joint go-to-market (GTM) campaigns, co-marketing initiatives, public relations efforts, pre-sales enablement, and customer support. Moreover, they can explore opportunities for expansion that prioritize delivering value to their clients.

Under the revamped program, channel partners will be classified into three tiers - Platinum, Gold, and Silver. This system aims to foster growth and recognize partners for their loyalty and long-term achievements while also determining the level of support they receive. Partners in higher tiers (Platinum and Gold) will enjoy extra perks, including the opportunity to participate in a product advisory committee, access to Kore.ai's market development funds, collaboration on joint press releases and media campaigns, and enhanced go-to-market (GTM) support.

Speaking of partnerships, Kore.ai has recently partnered with Mphasis to enhance Mphasis' offerings in customer experience management and employee engagement for its enterprise clients.