Leading Online Retailer Implements Verint AI-Powered Bots Across E-Commerce and Contact Center

Verint has announced that a leading online retailer is expanding its Verint deployment across their e-commerce website and contact center to improve the digital experience for customers interacting with its online retail business.

The brand chose Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to automate customer support and transactions, reducing contact center agent costs. In addition, the retailer picked several Verint AI-powered bots to be deployed across 400 agents to increase agent capacity, provide AI assistance, and elevate the customer experience.

“Verint Open Platform powers tangible AI business outcomes for online retailers across their e-commerce website and their contact center. Our open approach enables flexibility, modularity and future proofs their strategy. Retailers can quickly deploy AI-powered bots in their existing ecosystem and increase CX automation,” said Verint’s Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Seger.

The retailer joins Verint's growing customer base, which includes Fortune 500 companies, multinational banks, and global utility and insurance companies. Earlier in the year, Verint secured a $4 million contract with a leading U.S. bank to enhance CX automation in their contact centers. The contract covers one-eighth of the bank's total 40,000 contact center agents spread across different business units.