Verint Enhances Fortune 500 Company’s AI Capabilities with Hybrid Cloud Bots

Verint has disclosed that a prominent Fortune 500 enterprise has chosen its services to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business results. As an existing client with on-premises infrastructure, the company will leverage Verint's hybrid cloud capabilities by maintaining its current systems on-premises while incorporating four new AI-driven bots in the cloud.

“We’re delivering AI business outcomes that brands can achieve now without the cost, delay and disruption of changing their current ecosystem. The Verint Open Platform integrates seamlessly with existing cloud and on-premises solutions and makes it easy for large enterprises to rapidly deploy AI-powered bots through a hybrid cloud architecture,” says Jaime Meritt, Chief Product Officer, Verint.

The engagement with Verint involves the integration of four AI bots: the Exact Transcription Bot, the Interaction Wrap-Up Bot, the Data Insights Bot, and the Quality Bots. This implementation is part of Verint's strategy outlined in their fiscal first quarter plan and will include both Bundled SaaS and Unbundled SaaS setups over three years.

The Verint Open Platform's hybrid cloud architecture facilitates the swift deployment of these AI solutions, allowing the company to immediately realize significant business advantages without needing to transition their existing legacy systems to the cloud.

In other news, Verint has expanded its partnership with Webex by Cisco, integrating the Verint Open Platform’s unified data hub into the Webex App Hub for the Webex Contact Center, as well as its partnership with Talkdesk to introduce a new offering - Verint Workforce Management for Talkdesk.