Level AI Launches AgentGPT

Conversation intelligence call centers solutions company Level AI has introduced an "omniscient" generative AI product - AgentGPT. As the name suggests, AgentGPT helps agents find solutions to problems that may not be available in the help section or other public resources.

The product is designed to assist customer service teams in handling complex questions by generating answers in real-time based on a client's proprietary customer conversational data. As organizations previously had to create and maintain internal knowledge bases to help onboard and train agents, AgentGPT enhances these efforts by providing real-time answers and a federated knowledge base.

AgentGPT is an advanced conversational intelligence product for call centers designed to understand the subtleties of human language and customer intent, enabling it to generate expert answers. The product is also a self-learning system that continuously improves based on agent feedback and customer interactions, resulting in the highest level of assistance for agents and customers.

“The best way to describe AgentGPT is like a highly trained version of ChatGPT for enterprise customer service. We’ve all seen the excitement around ChatGPT and how it can help give users a leg up in their day-to-day tasks, but OpenAI or Google do not work for the enterprise customer. By contrast, Level AI can bring the power of this transformative technology to every enterprise customer to assist massively overloaded customer service teams at a time when experience is critical to long-term success – and ultimately revenue,” said Ashish Nagar, CEO and founder, Level AI.

It is worth noting that the tool is not designed to replace human workers, but to enhance their productivity and improve decision-making abilities. AgentGPT utilizes all of the enterprise knowledge and data available to provide agents with the most accurate information possible in real time and beyond what's available in support articles and FAQs.

About Level AI 

Level AI creates advanced AI technologies for the contact center industry by leveraging solutions that automate QA, assist agents, and provide valuable insights to businesses. The company's AI-native tools empower the modern workforce with advanced conversational intelligence. Some prominent Level AI companies include Affirm, Brex, Carta, Vista, Toast, and MoneyLion.