Playvox WFM Solution Now Available on Five9 CX Marketplace

Playvox has joined forces with Five9 to bring Playvox's comprehensive Workforce Management (WFM) Solution to the Five9 CX Marketplace. This will provide businesses across various industries with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Playvox's user-friendly technology into the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.  

"Playvox is proud to align with Five9 to bring its full suite of solutions, including its award-winning Workforce Management (WFM) solution to its shared and new customers. Companies like Chime, Rothy's, and the Pan Foundation are already taking advantage of our innovative technologies. Now, this partnership allows them to access these solutions from the Five9 integrated marketplace," said Daniel Pagel, Chief Executive Officer, Playvox.

This strategic move closely follows Playvox's news that Daniel Pagel joined the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Five9 platform, handling billions of call minutes annually, is known for its capabilities in digital engagement, analytics, workflow automation, and workforce optimization. The company recently strengthened its European partner ecosystem with new partnerships, enhancing its CX platform capabilities with extensive expertise in solution integration and sales support.

By combining Playvox's WFM Solution with the Five9 platform, organizations gain access to customized, smarter, and simpler experiences with real-time visibility into their business operations. This integration enhances efficiency and empowers employees by providing flexibility and valuable insights.

The partnership aims to offer a unique blend of technologies that cater to the evolving needs of businesses, providing them with the tools to optimize their operations and deliver exceptional customer service.

Prior to this, Playvox made its workforce engagement solution available to Salesforce Contact Center customers.