LivePerson Launches its Own App Marketplace

LivePerson has announced the launch of LivePerson Marketplace, the company's own platform for innovative integrations, expanding the functionalities of their renowned Conversational Cloud. Through a wide selection of applications developed by LivePerson and their reliable partners, businesses can now harness the true power of AI-driven conversations on a large scale.

"The debut of LivePerson Marketplace represents a major milestone in our commitment to power better digital conversations for the world's top brands. As an open platform, the Conversational Cloud already connects to CRMs, third-party NLUs, telephony systems, personalization engines, all of the communication channels that customers prefer, and other CX tools. We're excited to introduce this dynamic ecosystem to create even more powerful integrations for businesses working with us and our trusted partners." said Dan Sincavage, Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships at LivePerson.

LivePerson Marketplace enables seamless integration of the Conversational Cloud with other top enterprise software platforms to help companies maximize the benefits of LivePerson's open platform, enhance end-customer experiences, and achieve business outcomes. The Marketplace serves as a central platform for collaboration with forward-thinking partners, providing CX leaders with fresh opportunities to innovate, adapt, and maintain a competitive edge. Integrations that are already available include leading CX platforms such as Adobe, Contentsquare, Medallia, Salesforce, and many others. In the upcoming months, specialized integrations tailored for verticals such as retail, travel, financial services, and others will be introduced.

Alex Glanz, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Medallia, expressed excitement about becoming a launch partner for LivePerson Marketplace. According to Glanz, the integration allows businesses to effortlessly combine Conversational AI with customer experience management, resulting in exceptional personalized experiences on a large scale.

In April, LivePerson overhauled its platform with generative AI and LLM capabilities that improve human productivity across voice and messaging channels, ultimately driving better business outcomes.