LivePerson Ushers in an Era of “Trustworthy” Generative AI

LivePerson has launched an upgraded version of its Conversational Cloud platform, which now features trustworthy Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities.

The new features build on LivePerson's safe and responsible AI engine, and together, they may boost human productivity across voice and messaging channels, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

“Businesses have always dreamed of automating truly human-like conversations on a massive scale, but the effort and expense put this dream out of reach until the dawn of generative AI and LLMs. But the hard truth is, these technologies are not fit for business use right out of the box. Our new trustworthy AI capabilities offer guardrails designed to make LLMs safe and effective for even the world’s biggest brands — all while bringing digital experiences for their employees and end-consumers to new heights,” said LivePerson Founder and CEO Rob LoCascio.

According to the company, the new capabilities - AI Safety Tools, Conversation Copilot, and Conversation Autopilot - allow businesses to "safely and productively" leverage LLMs and generative AI while minimizing costs and maximizing impact. Just recently, LivePerson partnered with Cohere to deliver custom LLMs that meet unique business needs.

AI Safety Tools are responsible for the "trustworthiness" of chatbots using LLMs. These tools keep the LLM responses within the curated collection of knowledge content determined by LivePerson's controlled environment. Further, the tools make it easy for human agents to analyze every response an LLM generates.

To improve agent productivity, Conversation Copilot provides instant recommended answers based on any content ingested into the knowledge base, such as websites, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more. Agents in the loop can then edit and use the recommendations as they see fit to best support customers' needs. Also, Conversation Copilot can auto-summarize transferred or escalated conversations to provide more context to agents and reduce repetition.

Conversation Autopilot uses an organization's knowledge base content to generate a no-code virtual assistant that is able to help customers with ChatGPT-live conversations. This means that the virtual assistant provides detailed and natural responses across both voice and digital channels.

Finally, Voice AI builds human-feeling voice bots that can direct customers to the voice or messaging channel best suited to help them based on their intent and sentiment. The solution also ingests voice calls for further analysis in LivePerson's platform.

No place for unconscious bias

LivePerson is continuously working on keeping its AI inclusive and responsible by applying human-centered design in product development. Moreover, the company ensures that the AI system is compliant with all regulations that concern the safety and security of both customers and organizations.

This also confirms the fact that LivePerson is one of the founding members of EqualAI, a non-profit organization committed to fighting unconscious bias in AI.