Luxury Bridal Brand Picks Sprinklr to Boost the Shopping Experience

Sprinklr has been chosen by Pronovias, a prominent player in the bridal fashion sector, to enhance the shopping experience of its customers. Pronovias will be utilizing Sprinklr's Service, Social, and Insights solutions to improve its digital customer service, marketing efforts, and social media engagement.

“Today, shopping should be seamless and personalized on any channel – in person and online. Customers want to feel known and heard no matter where they connect with your brand. We’re thrilled to partner with Pronovias to help them redefine the bridal shopping experience. With our AI-powered customer insights, publishing, listening, and engagement capabilities, we’ll help ensure that Pronovias can understand and meaningfully connect with their customers while offering personalized assistance throughout the shopping journey,” said Ragy Thomas, Founder & CEO, Sprinklr.

Pronovias Group, a dominant company in the high-end bridal industry, holds a collection of bridal brands that are available in over 100 countries through an extensive network of 123 stores and over 3,000 retail locations. As Pronovias operates six distinct bridal brands, each with its own social media presence, the company required a comprehensive platform to streamline communications and provide exceptional experiences to brides worldwide.

“Selecting Sprinklr was an easy decision for us when we looked at the company’s capabilities and future plans. Sprinklr is the most complete platform we found in terms of metrics, dashboards, and functionalities for digital customer experience management. Sprinklr’s single view allows us to see post performance by campaign objective and type. We are also already using Sprinklr’s automatic report generation for presentations, and at the listening level, we see the potential in being able to better understand the brides, fashion tendencies, and to get a deeper understanding of our brand perception while also detecting trends that will impact our website and SEO strategy,” said Oleksandra Melnyk, Head of Voice of Customer at Pronovias Group.

Pronovias's focus  

Through this partnership, Pronovias aims to accomplish several objectives, including:

Enhancing personalized and scalable social customer service: By leveraging Sprinklr's comprehensive channel coverage and utilizing AI-powered tools like Smart Responses and chatbots, Pronovias can deliver tailored and immediate customer service on its customers' preferred channels.

Leveraging social listening for a competitive edge: Pronovias can actively monitor the wedding industry ecosystem, including influencers, photographers, and market trends, through Sprinklr's social listening capabilities, staying ahead of competitors.

Safeguarding brand reputation: With real-time analysis of customer sentiment surrounding their brands and dresses, Pronovias can swiftly identify potential issues and anomalies in data. Sprinklr facilitates prompt collaboration among internal teams, enabling them to mitigate risks and protect the brand's reputation.

Streamlining social media publishing and engagement across markets: Utilizing Sprinklr's AI-powered planning and publishing tools, Pronovias can effectively categorize social media messages based on intent, automatically assign them to the appropriate teams, and generate personalized responses at every customer touchpoint.

Unifying and sharing critical marketing insights: Pronovias can equip its teams with a unified dashboard within Sprinklr, enabling them to analyze and report on marketing activities across various digital channels. Additionally, the platform allows the creation of customized reports based on specific goals, campaign types, and content categories.

In other news, Sprinklr has introduced Sprinklr AI+, a range of solutions that combine its own AI technology with OpenAI's generative AI.