Medallia Launches Experience Orchestration Platform

Medallia has launched a new platform - Medallia Experience Orchestration (MXO) - to help companies utilize insights gathered from multiple channels to better understand and personalize their offer based on customers' preferences, delivering optimal customer experiences.

Medallia Experience Orchestration combines the technology and expertise of Thunderhead, the recently acquired real-time interaction management platform, with Medallia's experience intelligence capabilities. Using these innovative solutions, the platform enhances traditional customer feedback management programs and helps organizations reduce service costs while increasing revenue. MXO offers a range of advanced features, such as identifying customer intent based on experience data and delivering personalized experiences across different channels seamlessly. As Medallia's recent research suggests, personalization - although not always required by customers - plays a crucial role in positive experiences.

“Organizations that embrace these technological innovations stand to unlock significant value in the form of lower operating costs, accelerated revenue growth, and enduring brand loyalty. Creating seamless, personal experiences requires organizations to go beyond measurement and analytics to drive action and influence experiences as they happen. Medallia Experience Orchestration fuels the future of customer experience by helping brands create more personal customer experiences across every touchpoint,” said Alex Glanz, EVP of Strategy, Medallia.

The platform allows businesses to predict what their customers want and engage with them seamlessly across different channels based on their individual preferences. By analyzing large amounts of data and journey intelligence, businesses can make personalized decisions in real-time, emphasizing empathy, customer intent, and journey awareness. MXO promises businesses to deliver a connected experience that integrates various touchpoints and provides their customers a cohesive, personalized experience.

One of the platforms early adopters, BHS Hausgerate, stated that implementing Medallia Experience Orchestration provided valuable insights that helped understand customers, leading to a rise in sales and improved NPS scores.