Marketing Efficiency at Risk: New Data Reveals 48% of Delays Due to Misalignment 

In the ever-changing customer experience landscape, consumers now demand more from marketers to secure their loyalty, according to the latest survey by Merkle. Consequently, marketers are actively adopting new solutions to meet these evolving expectations.

The 2023 Customer Engagement Report (CER) delves into the perspectives and feelings of marketers regarding crucial aspects of the industry. It primarily investigates the influence of technology on marketing, examining how emerging tools are streamlining processes, identifying areas where there is a disconnect between individuals and technology, and suggesting ways in which teams can collaborate to enhance efficiency.

However, Merkle's CER highlights that 93% of marketing teams face misalignment in using at least one of their technology or software tools. This underscores the fact that many teams are investing in technology without ensuring a shared understanding of how to use it effectively and the goals it should achieve.

"Mass-produced messaging no longer resonates with consumers; they expect personalization and one-to-one relationship building. As a result, it is crucial to deliver curated, personally relevant experiences across touchpoints, and this is not possible without technology and streamlined workflows. As marketing teams increase their investment in experience platforms, they need to be aligned on these new tools from the start. Efficiency and utilization from the get-go will create better results over time as the solution is implemented," said Courtney Trudeau, SVP, technology strategy lead at Merkle.

The CER emphasizes the importance of initiating collaboration between IT and marketing teams at an earlier stage. IT professionals possess valuable insights into security, safety, and usability aspects. The report reveals that 48% of all misalignment issues within marketing teams stem from decision-making delays. Enhancing collaboration with IT can effectively address this gap, benefiting both brands and marketers.

According to the report, marketing teams can achieve optimal performance by adopting new solutions and establishing strong collaborations with their internal IT counterparts. This collaborative approach ensures that technology is implemented effectively and used responsibly.

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