Merkle Announces Global Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

Merkle has introduced a new worldwide accelerator tailored for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling brands to swiftly adopt a contemporary, API-centric, and composable architecture. It is designed to collaborate seamlessly with Contentful and Magnolia, streamlining the integration of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

"Launching our global composable accelerator for Salesforce with Contentful and Magnolia is a significant milestone for Merkle. We've done a great deal of work in the content and commerce space, especially around modern API-led eCommerce and experience architectures. Our new accelerator provides a comprehensive solution to reduce risk and cost centered around two of the best modular enterprise content management systems in the world. This accelerator reaffirms Merkle's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business growth," said Holden Bale, Global Head of Experience & Commerce at Merkle.

By joining forces with Contentful and Magnolia, Merkle allows businesses to implement enterprise-ready content management capabilities with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This drives improved time to market, a future-ready technology architecture, and greater innovation in the front-end consumer experience. Additionally, it allows brands to manage front-end site experience and web content through the content management platform, in addition to user experience functionality, reducing the initial front-end development work for brands to implement a headless architecture.    

"At Salesforce, we take great pride in powering flexible, digital commerce experiences for some of the world's most successful brands. As headless architectures continue to evolve in service of exceptional customer experience, we're evolving with it, and we are thrilled to see Merkle's investment in this space too -- reducing complexity and accelerating time to value for brands," said Michael Affronti, GM of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The accelerator combines Merkle's proficiency in Salesforce Commerce Cloud with contemporary content management platforms Contentful and Magnolia. It's complemented by Merkle's global design system, which accelerates the design process and offers top-notch brand experience elements. This comprehensive solution equips businesses with the means to craft and deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences while reducing the time and expenses associated with implementing flexible architectures.

In other news, Merkle has announced its latest offering - Merkle GenCX - that harnesses the power of generative AI to create more impactful customer experiences.