Unveils A ChatGPT-Like AI-Powered Assistant to Reshape the Banking Landscape

AI-driven solutions provider has introduced Sphere, an advanced generative AI-powered multimodal assistant that emulates the capabilities of ChatGPT. This suite of products aims to transform the experiences of both customers and employees in banks and credit unions.

Sphere harnesses a combination of general AI capabilities and banking-specific AI functionalities, setting the stage for a shift in the banking landscape. Functioning as a hyper-automation tool, Sphere seeks to automate approximately 95% of the customer inquiries that are presently addressed by customer support teams.

"This generative AI solution is designed to offer pervasive, enterprise-wide solutions for credit unions and banks. It performs as a steadfast champion, aiding tasks and persistently guiding customers towards financial wellness. With its advanced capabilities, Sphere facilitates faster knowledge acquisition and task completion, significantly augmenting and automating tasks for customers and employees. For customers, Sphere serves as a universal channel, eliminating the need for traditional online and mobile banking, and for employees, it negates the necessity to switch between multiple applications," Srinivas Njay, Co-founder and CEO at interface.a.

The newly launched product suite by includes two distinct components: Sphere for Customers and Sphere for Employees. These offerings introduce a pioneering universal channel similar to ChatGPT and incorporate a range of innovative features.

Sphere for Customers 

Sphere for Customers introduces a channel that integrates various forms of communication, such as text, visuals, audio, and video, allowing for multimodal inputs and outputs. It boasts advanced features like the 'in-context maestro,' which provides intelligent and real-time guidance to customers, and the 'co-pilot,' which offers continuous support throughout their banking journeys.

In addition, a marketplace of plugins expands the functionality of Sphere for Customers by integrating with major banking systems, enhancing adaptability, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Sphere for Employees 

When it comes to the Sphere for Employees, it serves as a comprehensive tool for frontline staff within the banking industry. Similar to its customer-focused counterpart, it offers a seamless and interactive experience by incorporating multimodal inputs and outputs, including text, visuals, audio, and video.

One of its standout features is the 'bullpen,' which facilitates a smooth transition of context from AI chat or calls to the AI assistant utilized by frontline staff. Furthermore, Sphere for Employees seamlessly integrates with Nexus, a comprehensive 360-degree dashboard that equips frontline staff with all the essential information they require. This includes customer details, inquiries, and relevant documents.

Sphere for Employees also encompasses a 'co-pilot' feature that provides continuous support and guidance to frontline staff throughout their work processes. Similar to Sphere for Customers, it offers a marketplace of plugins, enhancing its versatility and adaptability.