Miro AI Turbocharges Time to Market for Teams

Visual workspace platform Miro has introduced a set of AI-powered features that streamlines the most common and complex workflows in the app. Dubbed Miro AI, the set - which will initially include 12 features - leverages the power of large language models and generative AI, two of the hottest technologies in the world at the moment. Miro AI even leverages the company's own in-house models to cut down on unnecessary processes and help teams bring products to market quickly.

The features will include the ability to generate, summarize, and cluster ideas based on sentiment and keywords, or automatically generate images based on text, and instantly visualize complexity using sequence diagrams.

As a critical tool in hybrid work environments, Miro enables remote teams to collaborate on things like customer research analysis, strategy workshops, technical diagramming, and product design. To take the optimization further, the company has built Miro AI, which ensures each team member is in the loop and can access capabilities designed for innovation.

Security and privacy are paramount for Miro. With that in mind, the company has partnered with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to keep input data for a period that it's being processed in order to generate the output, with no input data stored after that. Also, data placed on Miro is not used to train its AI models.

"Miro AI plays a key part in helping teams accelerate every stage of the product life cycle. It's especially valuable for supporting enterprise product teams responsible for research and development to accelerate the creation of new products and services. Miro AI can perform tasks like creating technical diagrams, interpreting code, and clustering and summarizing board content. The goal is maximizing output and eliminating tedious overhead," says Varun Parmar, Head of Product at Miro. 

Miro is continuously working on improving its capabilities based on its customers' feedback, striving to meet users' needs. Those who wish to suggest a feature that has not been introduced yet can do so by visiting the Miro AI Wish List on the company's community page.