Momentive Releases New SurveyMonkey Creation Capabilities

Momentive, the maker of SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback, has unveiled three new features for creating surveys for SurveyMonkey Enterprise and paid customers in the U.S. The new features include personalized language options, more best/worst question types, and a multi-language email collector, making it easier for users to create professional surveys without being experts in research.

Creating a survey that captures attention and encourages completion is important for various groups, from small businesses seeking feedback to market researchers understanding their target audience and HR leaders looking to improve campaign performance and boost employee retention and engagement.

New SurveyMonkey capabilities include:

  • The newest language personalization feature supports multilingual survey implementation and analysis as it offers a comprehensive view of responses for multilingual surveys, resulting in higher quality and holistic insights. The new language personalization feature is currently available.

  • Adding more question types, specifically best/worst questions, enables survey makers to measure relative preference and the significance of choices, thus gaining a better understanding of respondent sentiment. The new question types feature is currently available.

  •  Customized multilingual email and SMS collector lets SurveyMonkey users send an email or text invitations for surveys in the local language. Users can choose the language from a drop-down menu, allowing them to send survey communications in the same language without the need to create varieties of the same email or SMS invite. With this update, companies have a broader range of respondents, a higher response rate, and offer a more personalized and inclusive experience. The multilingual email collector will be available in Q2 2023.

“Marketers, HR leaders, customer experience professionals, small business leaders, and more already benefit from SurveyMonkey's powerful yet easy-to-use platform, which helps them gain important audience sentiment to make strategic business decisions. With these new updates, we’re offering our users even more ways to easily personalize their surveys and gain the actionable insights they need,” said Aleks Bass, VP of Product Management, Momentive.

The new features are now part of the comprehensive SurveyMonkey platform. With access to over 250 expert-written templates and SurveyMonkey Genius that combines AI, survey expertise, and machine learning, users can create surveys to meet their specific needs, brand guidelines, and feedback. These capabilities allow anyone, regardless of experience level, to conduct sophisticated surveys that may collect more accurate data and insights.

Elsewhere, Momentive has recently released the findings of its inaugural State of Surveys SurveyMonkey report that unveiled different trends and ways in which people asked and answered questions over a ten-year period.