ZoomInfo Unveils Generative AI-Powered Enhancements to Drive Business Success

ZoomInfo has introduced a range of new and improved features, to assist businesses in gaining valuable insights, effectively engaging customers, and achieving faster success.

“ZoomInfo is using generative AI and automation to reimagine how businesses go to market. his cutting-edge technology will drive better outcomes for our customers by helping them save time and do their jobs more efficiently,” said Dominik Facher, Chief Product Officer, ZoomInfo.

Generative AI-powered comprehensive summaries

Chorus, ZoomInfo's conversation intelligence platform, leverages generative AI to offer users concise and comprehensive summaries called Post-Meeting Briefs. These briefs are designed to be easily understandable and provide users with all the essential information from their meetings.

The platform includes features that automatically extract important moments from meetings and generate a comprehensive list of action items. These updates also enable the platform to promptly deliver the most relevant meeting highlights and follow-up tasks directly to the user's inbox shortly after the meeting concludes. Participants can fully engage in the conversation and address critical issues and challenges by eliminating the need for extensive note-taking.

Enhanced Workflows for more customization 

ZoomInfo's Workflows feature, which automates sales and marketing processes using valuable buying insights, now enables users to take advantage of a comprehensive list of pre-designed plays that have been proven effective, or they have the flexibility to create their own customized plans tailored to their specific business requirements.

With advanced automated actions that can be scaled, ZoomInfo's Workflows feature allows users to effortlessly configure and customize plays using an intuitive interface, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency.

Engage available within SalesOS 

ZoomInfo has simplified the sales prospecting process by directly integrating Engage, its sales engagement solution, into SalesOS. This integration allows users to automatically fine-tune prospect searches based on previous engagement activities, enabling them to quickly make calls, send emails, or add contacts to multi-touch campaigns without switching between applications.

In addition, it lets them keep track of call and email history, eliminating any confusion regarding which contacts the team has already communicated with. This ensures better organization and avoids duplicate outreach efforts.

Introducing RingLead-Snowflake Connector  

With the introduction of the RingLead-Snowflake Connector, ZoomInfo enables operations team members, even those without technical expertise, to work independently with ZoomInfo's data directly within their company's Snowflake instances.

The RingLead-Snowflake Connector streamlines the modernization of data management processes. It enables operations teams to automate the creation of new records and enhance existing records in Salesforce by utilizing both first-party and third-party data stored in Snowflake. Additionally, it allows for the automatic enrichment of Snowflake tables with multiple third-party data sources, eliminating the requirement for custom coding.

Better quality data 

ZoomInfo has introduced machine learning-driven Inferred models to improve the accuracy and reliability of its Intent data. These models bring significant improvements, such as millions of additional IP to company matches and an expanded collection of Intent signals for various companies.

At the beginning of the year, ZoomInfo announced that it would integrate GPT technology into its platform, transforming the way sales and marketing teams find and connect with their ideal customers, lowering prospecting time, and driving more efficient results.