UiPath Announces New AI Updates with Project Wingman

UiPath has announced a new round of artificial intelligence (AI) updates with “Project Wingman,” which enables customers to create powerful automations from simple natural language prompts.

“‘Project Wingman’ brings together our AI Computer Vision’s deep understanding of computer screens with Generative AI. Using simple natural language prompts, users can uncover endless possibilities by creating automations that combine Specialized AI trained with proprietary data with the intelligence of Generative AI,” said Dr. Edward Challis, Head of AI Strategy at UiPath.

The UiPath comprehensive platform integrates Specialized AI solutions and the innovative power of Generative AI. "Project Wingman" aims to revolutionize automation development for developers by offering a user-friendly interface and harnessing Generative AI to increase accessibility for non-programmers. The exclusive preview enables select customers to witness how "Project Wingman" enhances business efficiency, employee contentment, and customer interactions.

At this year’s Ai4 conference, UiPath Chief Strategy Officer Brandon Deer will host a fireside chat with Joshua Browder, CEO of the New York-based startup DoNotPay to discuss how to tackle an outdated legal system with AI. Attendees will also be able to see a demo of "Project Wingman" within the company's AI-powered automation platform at booth #400.

About a month ago, UiPath added new capabilities that let customers enhance their automation processes by facilitating quicker discovery, automation implementation, and seamless operation at scale.