Launches a Microsoft Teams Integration

All-in-one management platform has announced that its Sales CRM is now live for Microsoft Teams. The company previously integrated Teams into its Work OS platform along with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, and OneDrive.

Built on top of Work OS, Sales CRM offers an intuitive and fully customizable customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows teams to manage their entire sales cycle and customer data in one place.

“On average, information workers switch between 10 apps up to 25 times a day. When work is siloed, organizations are forced to run their businesses within the limitations of the software given versus making the software work for them. By integrating monday sales CRM into Microsoft Teams, we’re ensuring sales reps are in the best position to succeed in every interaction,” said Michal Lupu, Head of Product Growth at 

Sales CRM for Teams enables customers to foster a collaborative sales environment in which teams stay organized, schedule and conduct meetings and share and access files easily across channels.

In addition, business development representatives can access crucial sales data and revenue predictions within Teams and notify legal or finance departments of collaborations around deals. Details such as leads, contacts, pipelines, and deals are visible through Teams and can be updated directly from the app.

“Companies like help unlock a variety of opportunities to enhance productivity and collaboration on Microsoft Teams. We’re thrilled to expand our collaboration with to allow business owners and sales teams to work more efficiently and transparently than ever,” said Uriel Rootshtain, Director Field and Partner, Modern Work at Microsoft. 

To keep every department in the loop when it comes to the status of deals, the integration enables users to create clear workflows and processes to automatically update other teams when their involvement is necessary.

Speaking of Microsoft Teams integrations, contact center vendor UJET announced a new integration with that enables front-line agents to quickly get in touch with internal experts and speed up the resolution of complex customer issues and improve service delivery.