New Typeform Capabilities Let Brands Convert More Leads with Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms builder platform Typeform has announced a new suite of capabilities - Typeform for Growth - that enable companies to engage with customers in a more innovative way and drive revenue growth.

Companies can now collect zero-party customer data, automatically enrich responses, and harness the power of AI to automate marketing workflows.

Some of the key benefits of the new suite include on-brand, hype-personalized multimedia that features text, images, audio, video, and interactive content. Users can also record, edit, and embed personalized videos into forms to better connect with customers and increase conversion rates. What's more, brands can enrich data directly in Typeform to have a better view of customer preferences and then act accordingly.

The new capabilities ask for less contact information, focus on the important questions, and let the platform fill in the rest with real-time data enrichment.

Finally, a wide range of processes can be automated: lead scoring, routing, and trigger-based communications in the form of email follow-ups to respondents and internal Slack notifications to quickly prioritize and connect with your highest quality opportunities.

“For over a decade, Typeform has continuously redefined online engagement. With the launch of Typeform for Growth, we're once again leading the charge, empowering businesses to interact with audiences in more dynamic and personalized ways. This new suite of capabilities consolidates multiple tools into one seamless solution, making it easier than ever to understand, engage, and convert customers,” said Aleks Bass, Chief Product Officer, Typeform.

The newly released Typeform for Growth plans offer advanced marketing tools in a single platform, accessible to companies of all sizes, industries, and budgets, while existing customers can upgrade their plans immediately to access the new features. Typeform can connect with a variety of platforms, including Slack, HubSpot, MailChimp, and more.