Uniform and Algolia Join Forces to Boost Digital Experiences

Digital experience composition solution Uniform has partnered with Algolia, an API-first search and discovery platform, to enable business teams to tailor search experiences and automate content recommendations for digital experiences, thus enhancing customer experience and boosting conversion rates. The partnership combines Uniform's ability to provide fast and relevant experiences with Algolia's fast and accurate search capabilities.

“The future of retail is composable, and Uniform makes that happen. This partnership makes it simple for our digital experience composition (DXC) platform to connect Algolia to websites or digital experiences so that brands can quickly and automatically deliver relevant results to shoppers. Not only that, these are new and efficient ways for developers and business users to work with a modern digital-experience stack,” said Darren Guarnaccia, President of Uniform.

Bringing Algolia's search components into Uniform provides brands who are already using Uniform DXCO with two features:

  • Content selection and orchestration: The Canvas component in Algolia allows users to easily search and retrieve items from an index, and it eliminates the need for manual updates, thus saving time and money.

  • Custom search pages: The partnership allows business users to create personalized and faceted search pages using prebuilt front-end components from Algolia's instant search.

Moreover, the partnership offers automated content-suggestion components, as well as personalized content suggestions.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Uniform to deliver our leading search and discovery experiences to retailers in innovative and exciting ways that ease the process of orchestrating and automating content. Plus, Uniform’s platform and technology bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of commerce and marketing teams at scale, a win-win for retailers,” said Piyush Patel, Chief Strategic BD officer, Algolia.

About Uniform

Uniform is a platform that helps businesses build digital experiences quickly and at a lower cost. The platform allows business users such as marketers and merchandisers to build digital experiences using no-code tools and content from any source without requiring developer support. Additionally, it provides high-performance personalization capabilities that can improve customer experience across all channels.

About Algolia

Algolia is a search and discovery platform that utilizes a unique hybrid search engine, which combines keyword and semantic search using neural technology, all accessible through a single API. This allows developers and business users to create highly personalized and efficient browsing experiences that can quickly predict and match visitors' intent.