Nomad Health Picks Medallia to Improve Customer Experience

Digital marketplace platform for healthcare jobs Nomad Health has chosen Medallia as their preferred provider for customer and employee experience management. This move will enable Nomad Health to deliver an improved experience to its users, mainly nurses and allied health professionals searching for well-paying jobs in all 50 states.

"Finding the best way to serve clinicians is the foundation to everything we do here at Nomad Health. Getting robust feedback from clinicians on a regular basis will allow us to continue to live up to our mission - to remove every obstacle between providers and the patients they care for," said Kristal Offutt, Sr. Director of Customer Experience, Nomad Health.

Organizations can customize Medallia's platform to meet the unique requirements of different departments, including on-site operations, digital, the contact center, human resources, sales and marketing, product development, and market research.

“We are thrilled to work more closely with Nomad Health and help them deliver world-class experiences. With customers and employees engaging in new ways, leading organizations recognize that experience has become a critical foundation for business success. To stay ahead of changing market conditions and rising expectations, brands must understand their customers and employees across every touchpoint and act quickly to deliver exceptional experiences,” said Gabe Benevides, Executive Vice President of Sales, Medallia.

 About Nomad Health

Nomad Health is a technology firm that aims to revolutionize the $40 billion healthcare staffing industry. The company has established a digital platform for temporary clinical jobs and is certified by the Joint Commission. Nomad Health is designed to provide clinicians with higher pay, healthcare organizations with lower costs, and the overall market with a more efficient and transparent process for staffing. The company represents a modern approach to healthcare staffing that offers simplicity and convenience.