Kore.ai AgentAssist Is Now Available for Zendesk Support

Kore.ai has announced the integration of its conversational AgentAssist with intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) automation for Zendesk Support.

Available on the Zendesk marketplace, AgentAssist can help agents analyze customer needs by looking up customer information from CRMs and other third-party systems. This way, agents gain context and can meet customer goals easily, which eventually leads to reduced average handling time and increased productivity. The solution uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) that yields the highest accuracy in measuring customer intent and offers support in 100+ languages.

In addition, AgentAssist aids automation by performing common tasks and transactions like balance transfers, booking appointments, scheduling field service, updating policies, gathering relevant customer information, and more. Consequently, agents are able to focus on high-value interactions such as upselling or cross-selling.

The solution also easily integrates with enterprise CRM and other backend systems, launches applications for the agent, runs RPA flows, and provides automated conversational suggestions to agents based on customer conversation history and intent.

Next-level automation across digital channels

This agent-assist solution for contact center agents builds on the capabilities of Zendesk Support across digital channels by managing lead generation and sales processes through a conversational user experience. Previously, Kore.ai integrated its conversational AI XO Platform into Zendesk Sunshine Conversations.

Kore.ai Intelligent Virtual Assistants recognize user intent, sentiment, and tone through natural language understanding and contextual intelligence. Finally, AgentAssist offers an array of next-best actions, which include buttons to trigger API calls, launch applications, or trigger a robotic process automation (RPA).