Optimizely Releases a New Capability to Enhance Personalization

Digital experience software vendor Optimizely has announced a new capability to enable brands to provide highly personalized experiences based on detailed customer segmentation.

The new capability - Real-Time Segmentation - provides a more elaborate overview of the customer audience by eliminating data refresh intervals which may not be picking up customer insights due to delay.

Optimizely claims that the new capability significantly reduces data latency, providing true, real-time customer data.

As personalization becomes a necessary element of customer experience, the demand for solutions that add a personal touch to each interaction has grown exponentially.

A McKinsey report on personalization revealed that two-thirds of consumers expect personalized interactions from brands. Similarly, 76% of consumers will become annoyed if personalization is not there. Additionally, companies that continuously invest and employ personalization strategies and solutions see up to a 40% increase in revenue.

To help brands realize lasting results through personalization and first-party data, Real-Time Segmentation offers insights into customer behaviors and attributes which can then be used to enrich customer messaging.

“Too often, a brand will deliver a first-time purchase discount code a few minutes after the first purchase has been made,” said Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely.

“This can be incredibly frustrating as a consumer. Real-Time Segmentation empowers brands to not only be more timely, but also more confident in their messaging. It takes into account that behind every data set is a human being, and creates real-time engagements that slowly build customer affinity and loyalty.”

Currently available in beta to select customers, the capability works across Optimizely’s offerings to enable a new level of precision and confidence for marketers.