Paytronix and mParticle Partner to Help Retail Brands Exchange Data Between Platforms

Customer engagement solutions platform Paytronix and mParticle have joined forces to help retail brands easily stream loyalty and transfer data from Paytronix to mParticle.

By integrating Paytronix data with mParticle, brands can gather information from multiple sources to create a comprehensive customer profile. This data can then be seamlessly connected to various tools for advertising, CRM, customer service, and data analysis without requiring any programming work.

“Being able to integrate the Paytronix guest engagement platform with mParticle’s customer data platform will be a game changer for enterprise organizations. This partnership unlocks the ability for brands to use all of their data to inform their CX program and, consequently, their ability to build more meaningful campaigns,” said Dan Murphy, Head of Partnerships, Paytronix Systems.

Key benefits 

mParticle's native SDKs and APIs enable brands to collect customer data in real-time from various sources, including websites, POS systems, mobile apps, Loyalty, and Online Ordering platforms provided by Paytronix. This unified approach to data collection allows teams to easily track and manage customer data quality without the need for multiple tools.

Brands have a 360-view of their customers and can consolidate guest data from various sources and create comprehensive customer profiles that account for cross-device usage. This simplifies the process of analyzing the customer journey and allows teams to focus on delivering personalized experiences and building customer loyalty rather than spending time piecing together fragmented customer profiles.

As mParticle collects and processes all systems in real-time, marketing teams can orchestrate triggered messages and location-based experiences across multiple channels using any connector in mParticle's integration network.

Elsewhere, mParticle has recently partnered with to provide an NLP-based search engine and intelligent chatbots to personalize shopping experiences for retail customers.