64% of B2C Retailers Recognize the Importance of AI in Search Strategies

Algolia has unveiled its latest B2C Ecommerce Site Search Trends report, compiled by Coleman Parkes Research, highlighting the advantages of AI-driven search and personalized experiences in driving revenue growth and securing a competitive edge. The report delves into the strategies regarding search implementation and the rising influence of AI in retail and e-commerce merchandising.

“According to Algolia’s latest B2C Ecommerce Site Search Trends report, more than half (64%) of respondents recognize the importance of AI in their search strategy and how it affects their business. As such, there is a persistent and strong commitment to investing in AI search solutions to drive even greater accuracy and relevancy of search results, while generative AI leans more towards better product comparisons, product reviews, improved buyer’s guides, proactive query refinement, and conversational interfaces, ” said Reshma Iyer, Product Marketing Director, Algolia.

Primary Search Considerations in 2024:

B2C retailers prioritize search implementation to boost revenue, meet customer demands, and enhance overall customer experiences. With 27% anticipating the expansion of AI's role in search experiences and a growing demand for voice-activated search functionality, retailers are increasingly recognizing AI's importance. In fact, 60% acknowledge AI's significance in their search strategy, with over half specifically citing its role in improving search result accuracy.

Financial Impact of AI and Search

A majority (61%) of B2C retailers express satisfaction with the revenue generated through search investments. Those leveraging AI witness increased revenue, demonstrating its efficacy.

Personalization Strategies

Personalization ranks high on retailers' agendas, with initiatives like personalized shopping profiles and product recommendations taking precedence. Conversational commerce is gaining traction, with plans for widespread implementation.

AI's Influence Beyond Search

Retailers plan to utilize AI tools for merchandising, product comparisons, and enhancing customer interactions. Generative AI is poised to be crucial in improving product comparisons, while AI-driven customer interactions are expected to surge.

Algolia's report highlights the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of ecommerce, emphasizing its transformative potential in driving revenue growth, enhancing customer experiences, and revolutionizing merchandising practices.

"The data suggests that AI's influence in B2C retail extends beyond search. As personalized experiences continue to be pivotal for ecommerce success, retailers are progressively harnessing AI to elevate personalization, employing innovative applications such as conversational commerce,” said Andy Easton, Research Director at Coleman Parkes Research.

Elsewhere, Algolia has enhanced its generative AI capabilities to provide unmatched search and discovery experiences for both merchants and shoppers, aligning seamlessly with the evolving preferences of today's online consumers.