Pega and Tealium Partnership Enables Customers to Transfer Data Between Platforms

Pegasystems has formed a new partnership with Tealium, a customer data platform (CDP), to allow Pega Customer Decision Hub to connect with Tealium Customer Data Platform, providing brands access to first-party behavioral data and AI-powered decision-making capabilities. This integration enables brands to deliver personalized and empathetic experiences during every customer interaction.

By adding AI capabilities to CDP platforms, organizations can analyze the data and gain personalized and contextual insights that enhance outcomes for both customers and brands. The combination of Tealium's CDP and Pega Customer Decision Hub enables organizations to optimize first-party data, obtain a more comprehensive view of their customers, and improve interactions.

"Brands today are facing mounting pressure – from changing AI and data privacy regulations, to the imminent sunsetting of third-party cookies, to higher-than-ever customer expectations. Combining the power of CDPs, which hold rich first-party customer data, with explainable and practical AI technology, helps organizations drive meaningful customer engagement. Understanding customers at the deepest level possible results in more empathetic and ethical interactions for the mutual benefit of brands and customers," said Matt Nolan, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Pega.

Pega's recent announcement of Pega Customer Data Connectors enables clients to integrate their preferred CDPs with Pega Customer Decision Hub. This platform centralizes AI-powered decision-making across inbound, outbound, owned, and paid channels. In line with this, the new partnership lets organizations integrate Tealium's CDP with Pega Customer Decision Hub seamlessly.

Tealium's CDP gathers and curates behavioral data from online and offline channels while adhering to PII laws and geographical regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. By combining real-time data and events with offline data, Tealium creates customizable customer profiles, which can be transferred to Pega Customer Decision Hub in real-time. This integration provides organizations with insights into an individual's behavior, needs, and propensities, allowing for personalized and empathetic interactions.

This partnership further expands Pega's list of CDPs with full integration, including Adobe, Celebrus, and Zine One, providing clients with the freedom to activate customer insights across channels in real-time.

Pegasystems has announced its plan to incorporate new generative AI capabilities across Pega Infinity, similar to the ones used in OpenAI's ChatGPT, to allow users to complete tasks more efficiently using simple, natural language prompts.