Forsta Launches Self-Serve Video Focus Group Tool

Forsta has unveiled Forsta Discussions, a comprehensive qualitative research tool that enables users to design, manage, and track video focus groups within the Forsta Human Experience (HX) Platform. By incorporating this tool into their existing research programs, users can easily analyze, visualize, and report on their data.

Forsta Discussion's user-friendly, self-serve interface facilitates the collection of detailed and thorough feedback from participants or customers while also providing a means to analyze this feedback more comprehensively. This allows researchers and CX professionals to gain a deeper understanding of their target groups.

“Focus groups and IDI’s are a crucial component of good qualitative research to fully understand the motivations and feelings of customers and research participants, whether you’re looking to introduce qual research into your offering as a market research agency (MRA) or want to quickly capture in-depth feedback from participants. With Discussions, we’re creating an easy-to-use space for two-way conversation that focuses on human connection with customers and participants. And we’re also capturing those verbal and non-verbal insights so that brands can be empowered to act in a way that builds personalized experiences for their audiences,” said Tobi Andersson, Managing Director of Market Research, Forsta.

Some of the benefits of Forsta Discussions are the following:

  • The online project management dashboard and video meeting interface of Forsta Discussions allow users to schedule, conduct, and monitor sessions as they see fit.

  • Forsta Discussions seamlessly integrates with the Forsta HX platform, providing a valuable addition to other research programs, such as surveys or diary studies. It allows for data collection, analysis, and visualization, all in one platform.

  • Forsta Discussions offers advanced research tools for moderating and observing video focus groups, such as participant management, a virtual backroom, and built-in security features.

Aside from Forsta Discussions, Forsta HX Platform consists of features such as Forsta Surveys, Visualizations, Studio, Digital Diaries, and other tools. Users can leverage the platform to conduct online focus groups, either as a new research program or as a complementary tool to their existing research or CX programs. Additionally, Forsta provides a complete range of qualitative research tools tailored to the needs of market research and CX professionals.

In November last year, Forsta released new and expanded offerings to advance the market research technology and foster innovations.