Pega to Incorporate New Generative AI Technology to Boost Customer Engagement   

Pegasystems has announced its plan to incorporate new generative AI capabilities across Pega Infinity, similar to the ones used in OpenAI's ChatGPT, to allow users to complete tasks more efficiently using simple, natural language prompts. With this technology, users can complete tasks like generating reports, refining offer copy, and building applications faster and more easily.

"The world has been captivated by the endless possibilities of generative AI, and now Pega is working on unlocking generative AI's potential for widespread use in the enterprise with the upcoming launch of Pega Infinity '23. These capabilities will enhance our existing AI and automation capabilities in new ways we have only begun to explore. By combining generative AI and Pega, our clients will be able to dramatically accelerate their path to digital transformation," said Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer, Pega.

Pega Infinity is a low-code platform that helps users create personalized engagement, efficient service, and optimized workflows on a large scale. The platform is now getting a boost in the form of generative AI technology to help organizations achieve their business objectives across various use cases, such as:

  • In application development, a developer can request App Studio to create a new application for a home loan and then select from a list of suggested auto-generated stages and steps to generate the application quickly. Additionally, generative AI can help users generate test data in seconds, saving developers valuable time. When used with Pega's existing low-code capabilities, generative AI can accelerate the process of building applications and workflows for organizations.

  • Pega Customer Decision Hub allows marketers to improve their customer engagement with generative AI capabilities. For instance, a marketer may request to refine a mortgage refinance offer for the millennial audience to target a customer segment that is not currently addressed by existing treatment options. By doing so, marketers can boost engagement rates with untapped audiences cost-effectively and quickly.

  • Managers can request their Pega application to generate a chart based on operational data, such as showing all orders placed by state and month, providing them real-time visibility and insights across all workflows.

Pega's generative AI strategy involves incorporating auditing and human approval processes, which are essential features of the Pega platform, which provides organizations with a secure and reliable foundation for their enterprise. IT managers can integrate client-specific generative AI APIs into Pega Infinity. This allows them to manage licenses and controls to give clients flexibility in adding existing or emerging generative AI APIs. Additionally, Pega enables all AI-generated text to be reviewed, edited, and approved by authorized staff before being exposed to customers, avoiding the risk of communicating incorrect or biased information.

In October last year, the company released a  new edition of the Pega Infinity software suite with several enhancements to help organizations quickly deploy apps, create better workflows, and deliver better experiences for employees and customers.