Pega Announces the Latest Edition of Pega Infinity

Pegasystems has released the latest edition of its Pega Infinity software suite with several enhancements to help organizations quickly deploy apps, create better workflows, and deliver better experiences for employees and customers.

The new edition, Pega Infinity 8.8, comes with features that provide enterprise-wide AI for increased efficiency and accelerated innovation.

Pega Infinity 8.8 includes enhancements to Pega Platform, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and Pega Customer Service.

"AI is no longer a buzzword business leaders can ignore – it's an essential change agent in driving transformation. Enterprises need pragmatic AI-powered decisioning that enables more efficient work, hyper-personalized customer engagement, and better employee experiences. New Pega Infinity updates help users apply AI to how they build low-code apps and automate their workflows, opening new paths for innovative experiences that deliver real results," said Don Schuerman, CTO, Pega.

AI Enhancements

Pega has expanded the reach of its AI capabilities so all users, including back-office operations and developers, customer-facing advisors, and customers, can leverage real-time AI guidance.

Through Developer Assistant Panel, part of Pega's App Studio, developers can benefit from AI-driven recommendations as they build apps and workflows. Developers of all skill levels can build better with information and educational tools to improve knowledge.

In addition, Prediction Widget provides deeper insights into how AI-powered predictions are made, including case routing, probability, and reasoning behind missing service level agreements (SLAs), along with behaviors like churn, fraud, and risk.

Lastly, Insights and Dashboards are unified, interactive, and collaborative visualizations that let users intuitively build and personalize table charts. From these users can interpret and determine trends, and areas for improvement, and can easily share them across their organization.

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Easier Data Management

Pega Customer Data Connectors help brands to connect Pega Customer Decision Hub's AI capabilities with their existing customer data platforms to optimize interactions with next-best-action decisioning. Users can connect customer data platforms like Adobe, Celebrus, and ZineOne.

Pega Customer Decision Hub's change management module has been upgraded with Fast-Release Changes which let users adapt to existing strategy when an urgent change is needed without disrupting workflows. Users can also manage and prioritize multiple work cycles simultaneously.

Finally, Impact Analyzer monitors engagement policies and AI models in real time to optimize and determine the success of next-best-action customer engagement strategies. The Analyzer provides users with actionable insights to improve overall performance.

Call Enhancements

The latest edition also improves service experiences through personalization and real-time AI. Voice and Messaging AIs have been improved with a new interaction timeline that automates call wrap-up functions for agents. This reduces contact center call times and expenses while boosting productivity.

The timeline is instantly created after the service call ends, listing all the activities tied to that conversation. Moreover, the new real-time supervisor alerts provide actionable insights on how to improve customer and agent experiences.

With enhanced embedded workflow automation, companies can extend Pega's workflow capabilities to any self-service portal no matter the vendor. Information about customers, context, and workflow can be easily transferred from self-service to any agent desktop for a more seamless experience.

Pega Customer Service and Pega Customer Decision Hub are now connected to provide agents with the most relevant, personalized offers in real time based on live conversations. Agents can now present optimal offers to retain customers when the initial reason for calling has been resolved.