RingCentral Unveils RingSense for Phone and Boosts RingSense for Sales   

RingCentral has expanded its AI-driven platform, RingSense, which involves incorporating generative AI technology into RingSense for Phone. This will help businesses transform their spoken conversations into valuable insights, thus boosting productivity and driving better business results.

“We are at a major inflection point where AI will permeate all aspects of business communications to make interactions smarter and drive unprecedented levels of productivity. RingSense for Phone has been developed to allow our customers to gain valuable insights from their conversations on our industry-leading cloud communications platform,” said Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and Ex-CEO of RingCentral.

RingSense for Phone key features  

Live transcriptions and closed captions refer to the immediate, AI-generated textual representation of spoken content during calls. This feature will not only allow participants to be more engaged in conversations without the need for note-taking, but it will also provide the benefit of post-call utilization for documentation and analysis purposes.

Call summaries and insights involve AI-generated brief overviews, key highlights, and identification of significant keywords extracted from recorded calls. These summaries offer a swift way for participants and reviewers to grasp important conversation points and capture actionable tasks. Furthermore, they streamline knowledge retrieval and aid compliance efforts in regulated sectors.

Conversation sentiment analysis involves the identification of the emotional tone and energy in conversations, helping users recognize potential opportunities and concerns. For instance, it highlights crucial moments like inquiries, clarifications, and feedback by pinpointing specific inflection points.

RingSense for Phone is currently available in beta and will generally be available later in the year.

RingSense for Sales enhancements  

RingCentral has been making swift advancements, and to enhance RingSense for Sales, the company has introduced the following improvements.

Enhanced Integration: There are now ten additional integrations with third-party applications, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Gmail, Outreach, Connect & Sell, Outlook Calendar, and Outlook Email. These integrations allow users to associate their conversation data with CRMs and emails.

Deal Scoring: The introduction of deal scoring helps sales managers oversee the health of their sales pipeline, covering both the collective and individual deal levels.

AI Coaching: With AI coaching, sales agents can elevate their interactions using AI-evaluated conversational metrics like energy, tone, interruptions, and more. Managers also gain comprehensive insight into the performance of their team members.

In other news, RingCentral has also announced RingCX, an easy-to-deploy native intelligent contact center.