Pendo Transforms Digital Experiences with New AI Release

All-in-one product experience platform Pendo has announced a series of new innovations and long-term roadmap under the name of Pendo AI which aim to enhance the entire platform with artificial intelligence and automation.

The release enables companies to access a continuously updated collection of AI-powered features that boost product discovery, propel product growth, and automate personalized in-app experiences. Users can take advantage of one-click guides, instant summaries of qualitative end-customer feedback, and auto-generated customer expansion campaigns. As a result, companies are freed from hours of manual labor every day, while also uncovering insights for positive business outcomes.

"AI will completely transform how digital products are built and how they function, drastically improving the experience we all have with software. Our foundation at Pendo is troves of product usage data that's already delivering automation for thousands of companies. Now with Pendo AI, our customers can leverage their product data in innovative new ways to drive their businesses forward," said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo.

The AI capabilities are grouped by theme on the Pendo platform. These include AI-generated guides and content, AI-generated qualitative insights, AI-powered personalization, and AI-powered growth. In addition, the platform is enriched with workflow suggestions, AI tag assist, and AI chatbot.

Pendo AI's strength lies in its vast product usage data set, encompassing 14 trillion interactions such as clicks, swipes, poll responses, feedback requests, and guide views. This data is collected from over 10,000 companies that use Pendo. Each day, more than 17 billion data points are generated by the 700+ million users of applications with Pendo.

To identify trends and generate content summaries with customer-specific data, the AI system utilizes custom models developed by Pendo's machine learning team and large language models. When it comes to data privacy and security, Pendo ensures that customer data is not mixed with others and is not used to train general AI tools in accordance with their AI principles.