and Microsoft Accelerate Sales Effectiveness with AI-Driven Insights

Enterprise revenue intelligence company has revealed a strategic partnership with Microsoft that merges's AI-driven insights with Microsoft Sales Copilot. The result of this integration will be a comprehensive solution that enables sellers to measure and visualize stakeholder engagement, create personalized emails based on different personas, and gain valuable insights from successful deal patterns.

"The mission of from Day 1 has been to put AI into the hands of sales teams to help them win more revenue, faster. With for Microsoft Sales Copilot, sellers and sales leaders will get data and insights from right in the Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration tools they're are already using. With generative AI recommendations at their fingertips, go-to-market teams can make sure they're spending their time with the right people and taking the right actions on opportunities to drive more deals to closed-won," said Oleg Rogynskyy, founder and CEO,

By combining with Microsoft Sales Copilot, B2B sales professionals can enhance their productivity and sales effectiveness. Currently, these professionals spend approximately 65% of their time on non-selling tasks. To address this challenge, the integration brings revenue intelligence insights directly into the Microsoft 365 applications that GTM (Go-To-Market) teams already rely on.

"We welcome into the Microsoft Sales Copilot ecosystem. Incorporating's powerful data and capabilities with Sales Copilot to surface meaningful insights directly within the workflow dramatically enhances sales productivity. Our collaboration with embodies our commitment to delivering customer value through data-driven insights," said Shay Gurman, Vice President Engineering of Dynamics 365 Sales.

Providing AI-driven engagement level scores  

The integration will provide GTM teams with comprehensive stakeholder insights, including complete profiles, activity history, internal connections, and their involvement in past and present opportunities. This valuable information will enable the teams to understand the specific needs of each stakeholder and determine the appropriate next steps in their engagement strategies.

Additionally, it will introduce dynamic, AI-driven engagement level scores for both Contacts and Opportunities. These scores will be automatically generated by analyzing the frequency and recency of interactions. This valuable feature will provide sellers with a clear understanding of the status of their deals and relationships, helping them gauge the health and progress of each opportunity.

Sellers will benefit from generative AI that automates the creation of sales emails tailored to specific personas. This AI-driven feature will leverage's stakeholder and deal insights to enrich the content of these emails.

Through AI technology, the platform will suggest potential buyers who have been involved in similar deals in the past but are currently missing from the ongoing conversation.

Using generative AI, Sales Copilot will provide sellers with dynamic opportunity summaries directly within the platform. These summaries will offer a comprehensive view of essential deal metrics, engagement levels, recent activities, and stakeholder insights.

Moreover, with AI-powered capabilities, the platform will assist sellers in uncovering actionable insights to enhance deal execution. These insights will include guidance on increasing engagement with specific contacts, reaching out to more executives, and connecting with other high-value stakeholders.

Microsoft has also expanded its partnership with KPMG, which will bring about significant changes in various aspects of professional services.