Phenom Launches Generative AI for HR and 18 New Innovations

Phenom has announced a new generative AI capability - Experience+ (X+) - that automates content creation, provides actionable intelligence, and eliminates time-consuming tasks for various stakeholders, including candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, and HRs. Additionally, the company unveiled 18 platform intelligence and automation innovations to revolutionize talent acquisition and talent management processes.

Phenom X+ 

Phenom X+ employs a combination of AI models, including a Foundation Model (e.g., NLU or LLM), Specialized Model, and Contextual Model, to cater to organizations' specific hiring, retention, and growth needs. Unlike other AI models, Phenom X+ considers additional contexts, such as vertical, market, job zone, company, team, and user data, to offer a higher degree of personalization, precision, and experience.

“The next decade will be dominated by intelligence, automation and experience. With Phenom X+ and our Intelligent Talent Experience platform innovations, HR teams and managers will reach unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency — all while enriching the experiences of candidates and employees,” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-Founder, Phenom.

Talent acquisition enhancements

Phenom X+ can automatically create job descriptions tailored to specific requirements and based on past successful candidates and current high-performers. It generates on-brand content and optimizes search engine discoverability. Candidates can use natural language search and receive personalized communication via email, SMS, and WhatsApp. The system can also schedule and cancel interviews using natural language and develops tailored interview questions. It provides real-time interview feedback and insights for hiring teams and can interpret notes and create tasks, analyze Chatbot questions, and provide multilingual experiences.

Talent management enhancements  

Phenom X+ provides insights into team performance and identifies opportunities for succession planning for high-performing employees, and can flag potential employee flight risks and suggest actions to retain them. The system can also detect skill gaps and recommend upskilling and reskilling opportunities. It generates personalized emails and campaigns and creates audience segments to foster employee development. Additionally, the tool interprets organizational talent trends and offers suggestions on how to stay ahead.

Intelligence innovations for talent acquisition and talent management 

Phenom emphasized that providing insights to knowledge workers is crucial to enhance performance and streamlining processes. To meet the demands of modern organizations, Phenom introduced an innovative technology that enhances the candidate hiring process, streamlines the interview process, and supports talent management in achieving growth and retention goals.

Interview Intelligence aims to accelerate the hiring process and enhance decision-making by providing transparency to hiring teams through recordings, transcriptions, and summaries of key points. Additionally, it analyzes interviewee sentiment, talking speed, and talk-to-listen ratio to offer insights into areas for improvement in interview training.

Candidate Hub provides candidates with the information they need for the hiring process. Contextual information gives candidates access to job postings, company details, and career advancement opportunities while allowing candidates to schedule interviews with ease and providing a digital interview coach that prepares them for interviews.

Workforce Intelligence provides talent management teams with insights into their organization's talent, ensuring that they are hired and developed appropriately. The feature includes a dashboard that shows hiring trends, retention risks, and high performers that can analyze skills and competencies, identify potential employees, and assess employee profiles for performance, growth trajectory, and succession planning. Additionally, it determines gaps and training needs and provides visibility into learning opportunities, mentors, and gig projects to address gaps.

Succession Planning enables organizations to identify suitable candidates for the company by evaluating employee eligibility for advancement based on tenure, performance, skills, and competencies. With this feature, it is easy to add new employees to the succession plan, assess which employees are suitable for specific roles, and promote employee development.

The People Manager feature equips business leaders with practical information to create efficient teams by highlighting an employee's current feelings, plans for career growth, prospects for upskilling or reskilling, and overall talent retention effectiveness.

Automation innovation for talent acquisition and talent management 

Phenom has revealed automation technology for frontline and hourly workers that will help improve the hiring process, encourage employee growth, and reduce manual labor for recruiters.

The Automation Engine enables the identification, construction, deployment, and monitoring of workflows to automate processes such as hiring, career development, and retention. The system also identifies opportunities for further optimization through process mining, leading to higher conversion rates and quicker hiring.

Talent Companion ensures that candidates receive seamless engagement across multiple channels during the hiring process. It offers instant answers, assists interview preparation, and sends timely reminders to avoid confusion.

High-Volume Hiring automates the entire hiring process, from initial contact to onboarding, for retail, transportation, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. With AI-based workflows, the solution eliminates repetitive and time-consuming steps in the recruitment process and automates high-volume and seasonal staffing surges, allowing teams to focus on longer hiring cycles for knowledge workers.

Requisition and Offer Management for High-Volume Hiring allows hiring managers to create job requisitions and make job offers to candidates, speeding up the process of job availability for candidates, minimizing the need for other parties, and reducing the time to hire.

Career Pathing for Frontline utilizes an employee's experience and behaviors to recommend the best possible next role for them within their organization. This growth trajectory is personalized based on the specific role requirements of the organization.

Platform experience  innovations

Phenom has introduced several platform enhancements, such as Design Studio, which enables talent and brand marketers to create career designs using a no-code framework. People Analytics provides data for all hiring, growth, and retention decisions. The AI Control Center allows organizations to control and configure the intelligence on the platform according to their individual preferences and requirements. Connector Studio improves the integration of critical third-party applications and technologies to boost business performance.

Customer support model  

New customer support model - Phenom Service Experience - offers self-service options and direct customer support to solve any issues and increase customer satisfaction. The model includes Support Portal, Service Hub, Platform Status Page, Learning Academy, User Community, Global Office Hours, Premium Support Plans, and Managed Services Plans.

At the end of last year, Phenom expanded its technology partnership with UKG, a provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions, to include certifications for Job Sync and Hosted Apply.