Pipedrive Adds a New Automation Feature to Its Portfolio

CRM and revenue management platform Pipedrive has announced the addition of a new beta workflow automation feature to Campaigns, Pipedrive’s campaign management suite.

The workflow automation feature lets users trigger emails to be sent out automatically based on changes in the pipeline data.

For example, users can create an automated drip email flow to engage prospects after a delivered sales pitch. Then, users can set up autoresponders to send follow-up emails to keep in touch with prospects.

The feature also allows users to connect lead generation and lead nurturing activities through nurture campaigns. In addition, the analytics dashboard provides insights into success rates and customer engagement so users can understand what to change in order to boost conversion and get the most out of each campaign.

“As businesses continue to shift to digital-first interactions with customers, automated solutions stand as key to optimizing marketing and sales strategies”, said Shaun Shirazian, CPO, Pipedrive.

“Our new growth-focused automated solutions in Campaigns by Pipedrive enable our customers to organize their operations cost-effectively, re-think their business approaches, and get creative with building meaningful client relationships. We are excited to introduce the new functionality to the market today and help SMBs to take their businesses to the next level with minimum effort and maximum impact.”

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The campaign management suite also offers an automation feature for email and CRM sync and auto-delay for better targeting.

Such a platform includes an insights functionality to provide a complete overview of campaign performance. By leveraging this functionality, marketers can share data and insights across sales and marketing departments to break down silos and improve collaboration.

New, Evolved Brand

With the focus on "real people", Pipedrive has recently rebranded as a multi-product platform to serve small businesses, armed with a new tagline - “The one platform to grow your business”.

The company plans to launch additional products over the coming months to make the transition from sales to after-sales project delivery easier.

“Giving customers the tools they need to unlock next-level growth and their full commercial potential is the key competence of Pipedrive. Our new brand reflects this evolution,” said Heidrun Luyt, Chief Marketing Officer at Pipedrive.