RingCentral Introduces a Comprehensive AI Approach to Patient Engagement

RingCentral has introduced a unified patient care solution designed for healthcare organizations worldwide. This initiative involves seamless integrations with Electronic Health Record (EHR) giants Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts. Combined with RingCentral’s AI-driven communication suite and facilitated by a partnership with patient engagement software platform SpinSci, these integrations aim to enhance patient engagement, simplify workflows, and ensure secure and optimal patient experiences.

“The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation driven by cloud technology, and now generative AI. By adding powerful new healthcare specific integrations, our solution offers high-touch assistance through any digital channel — be it text, voice, or chat — to deliver a comprehensive 360 degree view of patient records, breaking down silos and enabling staff and clinicians to triage with unprecedented speed and care. When you pair this with our RingSense AI capabilities, we’re creating pathways to a smarter, more connected healthcare experience,” said Srini Raghavan, Chief Product Officer at RingCentral.

Handling complex challenges 

The comprehensive integration with leading EHR systems addresses common challenges in the patient engagement journey, including complex administration, inefficient care delivery, and inadequate patient information. RingCentral's Patient Assist feature tracks all interactions between patients and healthcare providers, providing cognitive insights that streamline the care process. This allows agents to have pertinent patient details without unnecessary questioning or navigating through multiple applications.

Automated calling experience 

RingCentral's AI-powered capabilities include automated calling experiences, where virtual agents handle common inquiries and gather information before transferring patients to human agents. In addition, auto-blended inbound/outbound queues manage fluctuating call volumes, and auto-dialers simplify high-volume programs like promos or surveys.

The power of AI extends to data-driven insights for healthcare management. Analysis of patient interactions provides valuable insights into operational efficiencies and patient needs, and call monitoring and omnichannel analytics across various touchpoints enable managers to optimize Primary Care Network (PCN) performance.

AI tools also play a role in appointment scheduling and follow-up, supporting the streamlined process of scheduling, sending reminders, and following up on appointments. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures better patient compliance.

In other news, RingCentral has made its all-in-one solutions for virtual, onsite, and hybrid events - RingCentral Events, globally available.