Qualtrics Announces CrossXM

Qualtrics has announced CrossXM, a new product line that lets organizations leverage combined insights from employee, customer, and brand experiences.

With CrossXM, business leaders can learn how these experiences affect one another and identify the actions which can drive the biggest impact across the business. CrossXM provides the tools to better understand how employee experience metrics like manager support and career development directly impact customer outcomes.

“Leaders instinctively know that engaged employees deliver great products and great customer service, positively impacting their brand’s reputation as well as boosting customer engagement and spend,” said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics President of Products and Engineering.

“CrossXM gives organizations the ability to predict how employee experience investments will pay off in brand value and customer outcomes, a powerful innovation that will change the way companies prioritize investments in their most important asset—their employees.”

Using CrossXM, organizations can connect their CX and EX programs and pinpoint which employee experiences have the most impact on the customer experience. Companies will be able to connect their CX and BX programs in early 2023 and identify specific customer experiences that will most impact their brand.

CrossXM enables leaders from across the organization to collaborate on the initiatives that will most effectively retain and attract new customers. HR leaders can then tie the employee experience directly to business outcomes, using data to calculate the value of their efforts toward the bottom line.

In addition, marketing leaders can identify key customer interactions that can boost brand equity, gain a competitive advantage and drive customer lifetime value.

Organizations can also keep track of their progress with access to the world’s largest database of XM Benchmarks, and see how their XM programs stack up against the industry and the competition.

CrossXM Employee and Customer Analytics is currently available, while CrossXM Brand and Customer Analytics will be available for select audiences in early 2023.

Qualtrics has recently launched a new government web experience solution to enable federal, state, and local government organizations to improve online experiences.