RingCentral Announces RingCX, Names New CEO

RingCentral has announced RingCX - an easy-to-deploy native intelligent contact center. The solution combines RingCentral’s flagship unified communications (such as message, video, phone, and SMS) with a contact center, with generative AI features added in the mix as well.

With more than 1,000 features in total, customers can expect an AI-first solution that "delivers a complete native omnichannel experience" and transforms customers' journeys across all touchpoints.

RingCX uses intelligent skills-based routing to distribute interactions to the best-skilled agent. It also supports predictive, progressive, and preview modes for outbound calling.

Leveraging more than 200 pre-built reports, administrators and supervisors can use unified business intelligence analytics and real-time dashboards to keep track of contact center trends.

For AI enthusiasts, RingCentral added AI-powered features like transcripts and summaries that free agents from manually taking notes or capturing action items. Then Transcripts and action items can be seamlessly stored in CRM systems, streamlining post-call customer management, documentation, compliance, and analysis.

Moreover, Intelligent Virtual Agents powered by Google Dialogflow for voice and digital channels are responsible for cost efficiency while enabling end-users to find answers quickly and accurately.

RingCentral has also employed AI to boost workforce engagement management with RingCX. Real-time, AI-driven agent assistance via partner integration helps agents navigate customer interactions as it provides prompts on what to say to improve the customer support experience and reduce attrition.

Scheduled for later this year, Native Generative AI-based Automated Quality Management and Conversation Analytics via RingSense AI will deliver automated interaction scoring, coaching, and guidance for agents.

RingCX is currently available in beta, with general availability planned for later in the year. The solution provides integrations for Salesforce and Zendesk, while HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow integrations are coming soon.

CEO succession

RingCentral has also announced that Tarek Robbiati, a member of the company's Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer and EVP of Finance and Strategy of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective August 28, 2023.

“The world and how we communicate is rapidly changing and this is an exciting time for RingCentral. We are at the forefront of our industry, developing differentiated, cutting-edge solutions to meet the emerging needs of our customers. My focus will be on our customers and delivering operational excellence and sustainable, profitable growth. I am honored to take on the CEO role and deliver value to all our stakeholders,” said Robbiati.

Robbiati is replacing Vlad Shmunis, RingCentral's current Chief Executive Officer, who will assume the role of Executive Chairman, focusing on driving the company’s strategic product vision and innovation. Robbiati brings nearly three decades of experience, having previously served as CFO and EVP of Finance and Strategy of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and CFO at Sprint Corp.