Salesforce Assists The RealReal in Providing Personalized High-End Shopping Experiences

Salesforce has partnered with online marketplace The RealReal, to enhance the selling and shopping experience for its customers. The collaboration has resulted in a more personalized and user-friendly digital platform for sellers and buyers.

“The resale landscape is always shifting, and the way people engage with consignment has changed dramatically even in just the past few years. We know that to expand the resale marketplace we have to make the process of selling as frictionless as possible, and we’ve set out to make the selling experience easier. With the help of Salesforce’s suite of capabilities, we’ve been able to truly customize the seller experience by curating a more personal and integrated service. This is a tough challenge and we are pleased to work with a global CRM leader that can provide us with the right set of tools to achieve this vision,” explains Orr Shakked, Chief Marketing Officer, The RealReal.

The RealReal recently unveiled its new RealService model, powered by Salesforce's technology. This model relies on Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to provide customers with a customized and accessible experience, offering multiple ways to engage with the brand.

Sales Cloud allows The RealReal to utilize its data effectively in customizing every interaction with buyers and sellers. This technology offers a comprehensive overview of a buyer's purchase history and bookmarked items, enabling the company to anticipate customer needs and provide personalized experiences. In addition, The RealReal can now provide a 360-degree experience for sellers by scheduling virtual or in-person appointments at home or in any of their retail stores.

Meanwhile, Marketing Cloud enables The RealReal to create individualized customer journeys and enhance account engagement across multiple channels, including email and social media, from a single platform.

“Since day one, The RealReal has been a trailblazer in creating a luxury experience for their growing community of buyers and sellers. Salesforce is empowering The RealReal with the data, automation, and AI needed to streamline internal processes while putting their customers at the heart of everything they do,” said Sarah Franklin, CMO, Salesforce.

When it comes to Salesforce's own new releases, the company has recently launched Einstein GPT, a generative AI technology that creates personalized content for every interaction in sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT.