NICE Actimize Launches ActOne10 Case Management Solution to Combat Financial Crime

NICE Actimize has launched ActOne10 Case Management, a solution designed to help financial institutions combat financial crime by improving their case management process. The new solution aims to provide speed, flexibility, intelligence, and connectivity to investigators to increase efficiency and reduce frustration.

ActOne10 is an AI-powered solution that provides dynamic workflow management, risk insights, and network analytics to automate repetitive tasks, uncover hidden insights, and identify associated risks. With ActOne10, financial institutions can operate at the same pace as the risk while streamlining their operations.

“Financial institutions require a powerful combination of intelligence, visualization, and automation to enable analysts and investigators to reduce investigation time, manage workflows, and enable smarter decisions. Our market leading alert and case management solution meets the challenges of today and tomorrow, providing the heart and intelligence for financial crime-fighting units," said Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize.

The new solution leverages advanced network analytics to identify and investigate networked financial crimes, including complex scenarios such as money mule rings and nested correspondent banking. It offers several key features, including:

Proficient network analytics: The solution employs sophisticated network analytics to identify hidden relationships between entities and determine the risk associated with them by visually examining the network connections within a system to uncover non-obvious links.

Risk insights: ActOne10 provides actionable insights on risk during investigations, minimizing the time spent on research by automatically integrating and maintaining data connectivity with insights from external sources, eliminating manual integration.

Dynamic workflows: The solution also offers a dynamic workflow that is based on risk and data and which speeds up the decision-making process and enhances operational efficiency. Moreover, it provides complete transparency and a comprehensive audit trail.

In addition, NICE Actimize has recently launched the Money Mule Defense Solution, which aims to address the issue of traditional payment monitoring systems failing to detect the movement of illicit funds by money mules.