AWS Expands Amazon Bedrock with New Generative AI Solutions

AWS has unveiled the expansion of its fully managed foundation model (FM) service - Amazon Bedrock. The update includes the addition of Cohere as an FM provider, along with the latest FMs from Anthropic and Stability AI. Additionally, a new capability has been introduced, enabling users to effortlessly create fully managed agents with just a few clicks, a feature that doesn't require any expertise.

Leveraging Amazon Bedrock, customers can develop and scale generative AI applications by accessing a straightforward application programming interface (API), within a secure environment and without having to manage any infrastructure. This expansion assists customers with an extensive and comprehensive toolkit, providing them with the flexibility to leverage generative AI for various use cases.

Amazon Bedrock is already making a significant impact on businesses by enabling them to harness generative AI. Companies like Coda, Lonely Planet, Ryanair, Showpad, and Travelers have embraced the platform to transform their operations. The recent announcement further emphasizes how Amazon Bedrock prioritizes customer needs by offering a wide range of fully managed foundation models (FMs) to choose from.

“Generative AI has the potential to transform every application, business, and industry. Advancements across data processing, compute, and machine learning are expediting the shift from experimentation to deployment for AWS customers of all sizes. Through services like Amazon Bedrock and collaborations with industry leaders, we are democratizing access to generative AI, so wherever customers are on their machine learning journey, they can use AWS to reimagine experiences and bring new products to life,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning at AWS.

Selecting the right AI model, customizing it securely with sensitive data, and integrating it into applications require specialized expertise. Amazon Bedrock is addressing these challenges by offering an easy way to build and scale generative AI applications, providing access to a diverse range of top-notch foundation models from leading companies like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Stability AI, and Amazon, all through a simple API. As a fully managed service, Amazon Bedrock streamlines the entire journey, enabling customers to quickly find and test various models, securely customize them to meet their specific requirements, and seamlessly integrate and deploy them to production.

New model provider Cohere  

The introduction of Cohere as the newest FM provider for Amazon Bedrock expands customers' choices, offering them a wider selection of best-in-class foundation models for their generative AI applications.

Cohere is an enterprise AI platform developer with cutting-edge FMs that enable more intuitive information generation, search, and summarization. Its flagship text generation model, Command, is designed to understand user commands and deliver immediate practical value in various business applications, such as summarization, copywriting, dialogue, extraction, and question answering. Cohere's text understanding model, Embed, facilitates search, clustering, or classification tasks across over 100 languages, allowing organizations to search by meaning or categorize text easily.

Agents for Amazon Bedrock 

Amazon Bedrock has introduced "Agents," a new fully managed capability that allows developers to create generative AI-based applications for complex tasks and deliver up-to-date responses based on proprietary knowledge sources. With just a few clicks, agents automatically break down tasks and create an orchestration plan without any manual coding. The agent securely connects to company data through a simple API, converting data into a machine-readable format and enhancing the request with relevant information for precise responses. Agents can then automatically call APIs to fulfill user requests.

For example, an insurance agency can use agents to build a generative AI application to automate tasks like processing insurance claims or managing paperwork. As a fully managed capability, agents for Amazon Bedrock remove the burden of managing system integration and infrastructure provisioning, empowering developers to harness the full potential of generative AI throughout their organization.

Apart from these enhancements, AWS has also unveiled AWS Entity Resolution, an analytics service fueled by machine learning (ML) technology.