SAP Emarsys Unveils Game-Changing AI Enhancements for Omnichannel Excellence

SAP Emarsys has unveiled its February 2024 product update, a significant enhancement aiming to assist marketers in orchestrating successful AI-driven omnichannel campaigns. The update concentrates on three pivotal elements: Omnichannel Excellence, Marketer Intelligence, and a Composable, Extensible Platform.  

“The Emarsys platform is a suite of tools and features that elevate and inspire marketers, empowering them to be the best they can be in a competitive and fast-moving marketplace. Making artificial intelligence as transparent, accessible, and easy to use as possible enables them to use AI in a relevant, reliable, responsible manner. It’s the foundation of game changing campaigns that make a meaningful difference to your customers – as well as to predictable, profitable business outcomes,” said Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing at SAP Emarsys.

Omnichannel Excellence 

When it comes to omnichannel excellence, the update introduces a pioneering integration with LinkedIn for digital advertising. Marketers can now leverage LinkedIn's vast user network of over 1 billion individuals, facilitating personalized ads to reach new buying audiences. This integration not only streamlines lead acquisition but also enables real-time contact import. Additionally, the SMS platform has evolved to support customized URLs, allowing the incorporation of branded domains in SMS campaigns for heightened customer recognition and engagement.

The Mobile Wallet feature, introduced last year, receives an upgrade, permitting post-launch modifications and the addition of an expiry date feature. This enhancement gives marketers more control and introduces a sense of urgency for customers.

Marketer Intelligence 

Emarsys users gain access to generative AI through the AI Subject Line Generator, which is currently in an open pilot phase. This feature enables marketers to automate the inclusion of instant, tailor-made subjects in their communications and customer engagements. The update also introduces robust Event Monitoring, offering a detailed breakdown of customer events. Marketers can utilize this tool to enhance their understanding of customer behavior, addressing contact-level events to troubleshoot issues like deliverability.

The Composable, Extensible Platform  

The platform has introduced pre-built automation programs, channels, and personalization options -Tactics - tailored for the utility industry to assist marketing teams in executing seamless customer onboarding flows. Specific communications and processes, such as contract reminders or power outage notifications, can be automated at scale.

The platform's flexibility is further accentuated with the addition of Tactics for Mention Me, which is integrated with the Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform. This allows marketers to re-engage with enthusiastic customers and nurture potential brand advocates, driving acquisition and revenue without escalating advertising costs.

Infrastructure upgrades offer customers enhanced scale and reliability, with up to 6 times faster processing speeds for cloud-based contact segments, up to 90% faster customer data matching in Emarsys' Relational Data system, and more secure asset distribution for clients with multiple business units. These improvements underline Emarsys' commitment to providing a cutting-edge and efficient omnichannel marketing solution for businesses.

In other news, Emarsys has recently unveiled a survey showing how consumers interact with brands and how their loyalty patterns evolve.