CrowdStrike Unveils Generative AI-Powered Cybersecurity Solution

Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike has unveiled Charlotte AI, a new generative AI cybersecurity analyst aimed at making security accessible to all users of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, regardless of the level of expertise. Charlotte AI will address key challenges in the security community, such as bridging the cybersecurity skills gap and enhancing response time to stay ahead of adversaries.

“With the introduction of Charlotte AI, we’re delivering the next innovation to help users of all skill levels improve their ability to stop breaches while reducing complexity of security operations. Our approach has always been rooted in the belief that the combination of AI and human intelligence together will transform cybersecurity. We believe our continuous feedback loop on human-validated content is critical, and because of this, no other vendor will be able to match the security and business outcomes of CrowdStrike’s approach to generative AI,” said Mike Sentonas, President of CrowdStrike.

Charlotte AI harnesses accurate and up-to-date security data, which is continuously enhanced through human feedback. This AI-powered system enables customers to ask questions and receive answers in natural language. By leveraging Charlotte AI, users of all skill levels can enhance their response capabilities and become more efficient in addressing various security events, ranging from advanced threat detection to investigation, hunting, and remediation.

The Generative AI Era of Cybersecurity  

Charlotte AI is now available in private customer preview and addresses three common use cases.

Charlotte AI brings democratization to cybersecurity by empowering users at all levels, including IT helpdesk personnel and executives like CISOs and CIOs. It enables them to ask simple questions such as "What is our risk level regarding the latest Microsoft vulnerability?" and receive immediate, actionable insights. This access to real-time information allows for more informed risk-based decision-making and helps expedite response times in addressing security issues.

Additionally, with the introduction of Charlotte AI, less experienced IT and security professionals can enhance their productivity and decision-making abilities in threat hunting. This AI-powered solution helps new security analysts, including Tier 1 members of Security Operations Centers (SOCs), to operate the CrowdStrike Falcon platform with the proficiency of more seasoned SOC analysts.

Charlotte AI serves as a powerful tool for security experts, enabling them to automate mundane tasks such as data collection, extraction, and basic threat search and detection, allowing them to focus on more advanced security actions and activities. Moreover, Charlotte AI facilitates the acceleration of enterprise-wide Extended Detection and Response (XDR) use cases, covering all attack surfaces and third-party products directly within the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

What is the difference between generative AI and CrowdStrike data?  

Generative AI has the potential to democratize cybersecurity, but it all relies on the quality, context, and comprehensiveness of the data it operates on. Charlotte AI leverages reliable and accurate security data, including the vast amount of security events stored in the CrowdStrike Threat Graph. This data encompasses insights from various sources such as users, devices, identities, cloud workloads, and CrowdStrike's renowned threat intelligence. By utilizing such high-fidelity security data, Charlotte AI enhances its capabilities and ensures its impact in the field of cybersecurity.

One of the most crucial CrowdStrike datasets is its human-validated content. Charlotte AI benefits from a continuous feedback loop involving various CrowdStrike services, including Falcon OverWatch, Falcon Complete, CrowdStrike Services, and CrowdStrike Intelligence. This dataset incorporates human intelligence derived from real-world breach prevention efforts, making it exclusive to CrowdStrike.