Uniphore Upgrades Its Analytics Solution

Uniphore has unveiled the latest enhancement to its U-Analyze analytics solution, further augmenting its multimodal enterprise AI platform and enabling customers to efficiently harness data and fuel their AI initiatives.

“Analytics will never be the same with Uniphore’s enterprise-grade AI platform transforming the way our customers are able to harness the power and value of data. This is a significant milestone in Uniphore’s unwavering commitment to our global enterprise customers on their journey to becoming AI-led companies,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co founder of Uniphore.

The latest version of U-Analyze, powered by generative AI, addresses the escalating demand among enterprises worldwide to harness the potential of AI and their own data resources. Business leaders gain actionable insights to enhance customer experiences and optimize agent performance by analyzing interactions across text, voice, and video.

This announcement marks a strategic advancement following the successful launch of Uniphore’s U-Capture, an AI-native solution facilitating comprehensive data capture, structuring, and utilization across various modalities. By leveraging Uniphore's X-Platform, customers benefit from full ownership and accessibility of their data, allowing them to drive additional value whenever needed.

Integrated seamlessly with U-Capture on Uniphore's robust X-Platform, U-Analyze provides real-time analysis of conversational data, generating bespoke AI-driven insights tailored to each enterprise. These insights, coupled with automated and manual coaching capabilities, enable continuous enhancement of customer experiences and engagement.

When combined, these two solutions deliver timely AI-generated insights poised to elevate customer satisfaction and engagement levels significantly.

A recent global survey commissioned by Uniphore underscored the critical need for AI-driven insights. Nearly 40% of respondents cited a lack of data hindering prompt responses to business decisions or improvements in customer experiences. Furthermore, 86% admitted their decisions are not predominantly data-driven, highlighting the immense potential for businesses to leverage their data effectively.