SelfDecode Launches DecodyGPT, A New Era in Personalized Health

Personalized health and wellness provider SelfDecode has announced the launch of DecodyGPT, a feature set to transform precision health. As the first precision health GPT, this tool leverages artificial intelligence and personalized health data to deliver customized insights, guidance, and solutions like never before.

The core of DecodyGPT is SelfDecode's proprietary precision health technology. This advanced AI system is trained on extensive datasets, including genetic information, lab results, lifestyle factors, symptoms, conditions, and health goals. By integrating these diverse data points, DecodyGPT provides users with unparalleled personalized guidance and support, allowing them to make well-informed decisions about their health and wellness.

"With DecodyGPT, we're taking personalized health to the next level. This isn't just another chatbot – it's a sophisticated AI health coach that understands your unique genetic makeup, health history, and individual goals. Whether you're managing chronic conditions, optimizing your wellness routine, or simply seeking answers to your health questions, DecodyGPT is there to guide you every step of the way. It's like ChatGPT, but can answer health questions specifically designed for your body," says Joe Cohen, Founder and CEO of SelfDecode.

How does it enhance personalized healthcare?  

Users receive tailored recommendations and insights based on their DNA, lab results, lifestyle choices, symptoms, and health objectives, ensuring highly customized guidance. The tool offers real-time support, allowing users to get quick responses to their health-related queries 24/7, eliminating the need for appointments or waiting times.

It employs a holistic approach, considering genetic predispositions, environmental factors, current symptoms or conditions, and health goals to provide a comprehensive analysis. Moreover, Precision Health GPT continuously evolves and learns from user interactions, making sure that its recommendations remain up-to-date and relevant.As some reports highlighted that patients tend to be dissatisfied with their healthcare provider's contact center, it is important to provide them with more tools to improve their experiences.