SuccessKPI Solutions Are Now Available on Five9 CX Marketplace

SuccessKPI and Five9 have joined forces to streamline the integration of advanced AI analytics and automation solutions into the Five9 CX Marketplace. This partnership enables businesses to merge AI-driven insights, both real-time and historical, along with the innovative Playbook Builder, into the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.

"We are excited to launch our partnership and deliver innovative CX solutions to help enterprises transition to and optimize in the cloud. Being available in the Five9 Marketplace enables our current and new customers to realize cost-efficiencies from cloud migration while gaining powerful analytics and insights," said Mike Ahnemann, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SuccessKPI.

Transitioning from on-premises systems to the cloud is widely recognized for its economic advantages. By integrating SuccessKPI with Five9, enterprises can consolidate structured and unstructured data, ensuring comprehensive and precise replication of crucial charts, reports, and dashboards essential for driving customer success.

The essence of customer interaction lies in deriving meaningful insights from diverse channels. SuccessKPI's quality management enables supervisors to automate evaluations and tasks while offering self-directed coaching tools, thereby transforming every customer interaction into a valuable opportunity.

"We're excited to welcome SuccessKPI to the Five9 ISV Program, offering customers advanced CX analytics and reporting. SuccessKPI's platform facilitates a seamless transition to Five9, empowering customers with reporting and visualizations that matter greatly to our intelligent cloud contact center customers," said Brian Bitsky, Senior Director of Business Development at Five9.

Furthermore, customer experience has become a pivotal metric for business growth and retention. The seamless integration of customer journey data into enterprise operations equips contact center agents, supervisors, and executive teams with actionable insights. With an extensive array of over 180 pre-built data connectors, including the most popular CRM and CCaaS platforms, businesses can now transform insights into actionable strategies effortlessly.

Elsewhere, Playvox has joined forces with Five9 to bring its comprehensive Workforce Management (WFM) Solution to the Five9 CX Marketplace.