Quiq Unveils LLM-Powered Conversational AI Assistant

Conversational AI vendor Quiq has unveiled Conversational Customer Experience (CCX), a conversational AI system powered by Large Language Models (LLMs). This advanced technology marks a shift from traditional chatbots, allowing consumers to have more intelligent and engaging conversations with their preferred brands.

“We’ve all seen the amazing ability of ChatGPT to read and write language. ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize internet searching, but many business leaders worry it’s not fit to answer their customers’ questions. That’s because customer service issues require 100% accurate answers, not guesses based upon stale data from the internet, which is all ChatGPT knows. It can’t help customer experience leaders improve their current chatbot experience. But there is a solution - Quiq Conversational Customer Experience,” said Mike Myer, Founder and CEO, Quiq.

Modern consumers yearn for prompt issue resolution, yet chatbots often fall short of understanding customer intent and providing personalized responses. Unlike human customer service representatives who can adapt and understand unexpected shifts in customer inquiries, chatbots tend to become confused when faced with deviations from their programmed paths.

Quiq's CCX has introduced Assistants, the advanced successors to traditional chatbots, which provide ChatGPT-like natural language interactions customized to each company's requirements. These Assistants can understand customer inquiries, consider the context, and generate personalized responses that directly address the questions asked.

Quiq Assistant relies on current internal data  

Quiq Assistants leverage LLMs, such as ChatGPT, to offer advanced question-and-answer functionality. However, what sets them apart is their integration with a company's current internal information rather than relying on outdated internet data. By excluding obsolete publicly available information that LLMs were trained on, the risk of providing incorrect answers is effectively eliminated.

The company suggests that with Quiq Assistants, around 80% of customer questions are successfully resolved with personalized responses. This enables customers to receive accurate, concise, and tailored answers instead of generic knowledge-based articles.