Snorkel AI and Google Cloud Extend Partnership to Bridge AI Potential to Real-World Impact 

Data-focused AI platform Snorkel AI has extended its collaboration with Google Cloud to assist enterprises in bridging the gap between the potential of AI and its tangible effects in real-world scenarios. To enable this, Snorkel has added Snorkel Flow, its data platform for foundational models on the Google Cloud Marketplace, which customers can use to work with various machine learning models. Additionally, the partnership incorporates the integration of Snorkel with Vertex Generative AI Studio.

Through Snorkel Flow, Google Cloud's customers can create, refine, and customize machine learning models of various complexities. This includes extensive foundational models like PaLM, such as FLAN-T5-XXL, which can incorporate billions of parameters. All of this can be achieved using the company's exclusive data and domain expertise.

“Snorkel AI and Google Cloud are empowering organizations to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI. We are incredibly excited to build on years of academic partnership and collaboration with Google, and capitalize on valuable programs like Springboard and Marketplace, to deliver significant value for Google Cloud customers. Together, we can help enterprises harness the power of programmatic labeling, foundation models, and generative AI to solve their most impactful problems and ultimately realize the potential of AI at scale, ” said Alex Ratner, CEO and Co-Founder of Snorkel AI.

Google Cloud users can now acquire Snorkel Flow directly through the Google Cloud Marketplace. This means businesses embracing advanced technologies like large language models can initiate their endeavors more swiftly and effectively. The arrangement provides adaptable billing choices and the added advantage of offsetting their committed Google Cloud expenses with each expenditure on Snorkel Flow.

Snorkel AI is actively investigating innovative ways to leverage and customize Google Cloud's extensive language and foundational models. This involves employing techniques such as programmatic labeling, fine-tuning, and distillation through data-centric AI workflows; all fine-tuned on the optimized infrastructure of Google Cloud.

“We're excited that Snorkel will expand its use and application of Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities, and help organizations of all sizes accelerate their gen AI development,” said Manvinder Singh, Managing Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud.

As a partner Built with Google Cloud AI, Snorkel AI was among the early participants invited to engage in Google Cloud's Springboard program for startups. This collaboration enabled Snorkel AI to focus intently on bolstering product development and research endeavors aimed at empowering Google Cloud customers to expand their automation capabilities into the depths of unstructured enterprise data.

Swiftly after, Snorkel AI unveiled integrations with Google Cloud's data and AI services, encompassing the complete MLOps workflow. This integration streamlines AI developers' access to data within Google Cloud, facilitating programmatic labeling. Subsequently, developers can promptly train, deploy, and adjust machine learning models at an enterprise scale.