UserTesting Joins Export Partner Hub by Google

UserTesting has announced that it has chosen Export Partner Hub by Google as a Customer Experience (CX) partner.

The Export Partner Hub by Google supports Google Ads clients’ export business through connections with reliable operational partners on an international scale.

With this partnership, UserTesting provides companies with valuable and relevant insights into what their clients need and why while aiding in the decision-making process.

“Human insights provide a competitive advantage for any company looking to innovate and grow, be it through new products, new positioning, new digital channels, or new markets. The Export Partner Hub by Google provides an opportunity for more companies around the globe to capitalize on the business advantages that anonymized and aggregated human insight at scale provides,” said Rob Vandenberg, Head of Global Partnerships at UserTesting.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

UserTesting helps emerging organizations by providing them with feedback from real people while they engage with products, designs, apps, and brands. The company aims to reduce the risk of going into new markets and enables organizations to have greater knowledge of consumer needs and challenges in respected regions.

The UserTesting Human Insight Platform produces video-based Customer Experience Narratives that give organizations access to customer sentiments. Additionally, the platform offers an authentic, first-person understanding of both physical and digital experiences, thus allowing companies to meet consumers' needs, regardless of the market, they are targeting.

Not too long ago, UserTesting also joined Zoom's  ISV Partner Program, offering companies the opportunity to draw customer insights in real-time.

The company has over 2,500 customers, including more than half of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands, according to Forbes.